Cinemax Movie Theater

    movie theater

  • A building where movies are shown to an audience; a cinema
  • A theater where movies are shown for public entertainment
  • cinema: a theater where films are shown
  • A movie theater, picture theater, film theater or cinema is a venue, usually a building, for viewing motion pictures (“movies” or “films”).


  • Cinemax (which since 2008, has also gone by the short name Max on-air) is a collection of premium television networks that provide movies, special features, erotica, and other services to consumers. Cinemax is operated by Home Box Office, Inc. (part of Time Warner).
  • CineMAX (Cinemax India Ltd.) is an Indian company which operates cinemas. It belongs to the Kanakia group. The company operates one of the largest exhibition theatre chains in India with 25 properties with 74 screens.

cinemax movie theater

cinemax movie theater – Necromania –

Necromania – Traps of Darkness
Necromania - Traps of Darkness
Evil comes in many forms!

Product Information

Driven to please a Dark Lord, the evil minions of Necromania scramble to collect the keys necessary to free their Dark Master from his supernatural bonds and win his eternal favor. Each despicable servant possesses inherent magical powers to aid them on their wicked quest to unleash a horrifying evil into the world and doom mankind forever.

Product Features
Seven unique minions of Ragnar to choose from; each equipped with deadly traps and unique powers.
Improve the skills of your hero as you complete levels and gain experience.
Multiplayer mode brings new tactical options for players in fierce fights against 2 to 7 players over LAN or Internet.
Lay traps and take advantage of the terrain (labyrinths) to achieve victory against numerous opponents and vermin that populate every level.
A powerful AI, diverse maps with random item spawning and combinations of dark competition ensure long hours of diverse game play.
Race to collect power boosts that increase combat abilities or temporarily grant powers to aid you in collecting the three pieces of the skull key.
The inherent randomness and frantic game play will make it impossible to win the same way twice.

Windows Requirements
Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP
Pentium II 500 MHz processor
128 MB of RAM
400 MB free Hard Drive space
OpenGL compatible Graphic Card
16 MB Video RAM
DirectSound compatible Sound Card
DirectX 8.0
CD-ROM drive

Cine Max, Funchal, Madeira

Cine Max, Funchal, Madeira
The Cine Max is on the bottom floor of the Marina Shopping Centre (Avenida Arriaga 75), and has a single screen.
Cinemas on the island of Madeiras (Canary islands) can only be found in shopping malls, and even then most have been closed and turned into fitness centres or stores.

Coke Sip (127 Hours) – Day 7

Coke Sip (127 Hours) - Day 7
He wanted some water real bad.. I offered him Coke. 🙂

Set up – Cinemax, Hyd
Movie – 127 Hours.